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SARCEO History 

Since the creation of UMEF in 1984, the faculty of Swiss UMEF University has always been involved in research and innovation. Since 2013, UMEF has had the objective to unify these approaches in a coherent whole.

SARCEO is the brainchild and the will of Swiss UMEF University to increase its contribution to society and to enable students to participate in this exciting project. The management of Swiss UMEF University has held numerous conferences and workshops to identify areas in which it could contribute through an original approach that links intellectual discovery with research and learning.

This has led to the creation of SARCEO in 2018 which started its activities in 2019. In light of the execution of the strategic plan, SARCEO publishes an annual journal, the Journal of Governance of Corporations and Organisations and, on a regular basis, Action-research notes with the results of research conducted by the faculty, the researchers and the doctoral students of UMEF in light of the research projects identified in the five-year 2019-2023 plan.

The SARCEO site also includes the publications of the faculty of UMEF in the format of special Bulletins.

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