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Resources for Researchers

UMEF supports faculty and students conducting research projects which meet the UMEF vision and priorities. These grants apply to both projects fully financed by UMEF or partly financed by other institutions or organisations. These projects are of a small or medium size. These projects are applied research with a direct or indirect contribution to societal development.

Should students and faculty request external funding, and on condition that the project is validated by UMEF, UMEF may agree to support the request.

Applications must be done accompanied by a letter stating the research purpose and its societal impact, the length of the project, and the intended publication. A special form has been developed for the request of a grant.

Students conducting their own research project may apply for funding opportunities from a range of institutions.

Rules and research direction: 

These documents should be read and accepted by anyone involved in research projects.

Norms for submission

Research Guide 

Classement  HCERS

Classement CNRS

Classement FNEGE

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