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MBA option Leadership

General Description:

This programme gives the student the tools indispensable to the transformation of his character and his behaviour such that he can become an actor in the transformation of his socio-professional milieu.  The training is based on the principles of leadership, which is primarily concerned with meeting the objectives of the organisation and the full development of the people he leads.

The course allows for an exploration of the students’ personality, the understanding of the various leadership styles and its impact on teams. Efficient leadership requires a good understanding of people dynamics and this aspect is well covered in the course.

Training objective:

At the end of the training programme, the student will have mastered the tools of management sciences (finance, production, marketing, human resources, information systems, etc.).  He will be able to communicate, animate a team, motivate, design and head projects so as to meet the objectives while motivating his team.


Management positions in international organisations, public and private enterprises.

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