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Mission & Objectives

SARCEO Mission :

Swiss Applied Research Centre for Enterprises and Organisations (SARCEO) integrates its mission with that of its patron Swiss UMEF University.

To provide advanced applied research for corporations and organisations in different industries, government and international organisations and the community in order to improve their living standards and provide solutions for societal issues. Our research will significantly impact the performance of organisations and corporations.

Our objectives 2019-2023 :

To develop solutions that enhance the sustainability of communities and their environment.


To establish and develop partnerships with other research organisations striving to accomplish the same overall objectives.


Concentrate the research efforts on the means to vastly improve corporate and organisational performance through the development of applied research.



To motivate faculty and students to be more active in action research that contributes to a better world.


Organise international conferences with its stakeholders in order to discuss and disseminate the results of SARCEO’s research.


Core strategies

Key drivers of growth

Research strategy

To develop key methodologies in research, consultancy and their link with the UMEF programmes.

Partnership strategy

Develop partnerships both with regard to research as well as with corporations and organisations that will make contributions to SARCEO.

Human Resource strategy

Draw on its doctoral school and its full-time and adjunct faculty to participate in research and consultancy projects.

Communications strategy

Develop the image of SARCEO as a major contributor in applied research that will benefit the Canton of Geneva and more generally Switzerland.

Organisational strategy

Strengthen a nascent organisation through the organisation of workshops and conferences.

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