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DUNYA UNIVERSITY has a structure composed of four Boards reporting to an Executive Board.

Additionally, the Faculty and Student Council are involved in supporting these boards.

Governance Structure
Executive Board

The Executive Board is the highest governing body for approval of all activities of Dunya University. It is, in particular, responsible for the final approval of all strategic policies. The Board is also responsible to determine Dunya University's academic and infrastructure projects and resources.

The Board is composed of the president and the directors of Dunya University. The Board usually meets on a quarterly basis unless there is an urgent need. At Dunya University, all important decisions are made by the Board.

The Chair of the Executive Board meets with the Board of Trustees on an annual basis to report key developments and challenges for all Dunya University practices and services.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees ensures that Dunya University fulfills its mission, works according to its stated values and that its actions are sustainable. It defines Dunya University's strategy, including its financial plan and appoints the President.

It works closely with the President who is a member of the Board of Trustees.

The board is composed of 8 members of which one is an alumnus, one a student, one member of full-time faculty and 4 from external stakeholders leaders in their field.

The Board meets annually unless the Executive Board requests an urgent meeting.

Academic Board

The Academic Board is made up of the Academic Director of Dunya University as well as representatives of faculty, students, the Head of Student Affairs, the Head of Quality Assurance, and a representative of the economy.

The Academic Board is responsible for all issues related to academic activity. The Board meets at least twice a year to evaluate and approve academic policies, and the quality of the academic standards validates credits and program completion and delivers awards to Dunya University graduates.

Research Board

The Research Board is composed of the Director of Research, the Academic Director, members of faculty carrying out research projects, a doctoral student, and a representative of external stakeholders.

The Research Board is responsible for all issues relating to research, including research policy matters and funding of research.

The Board meets on a quarterly basis. It ensures that the research projects are in line with the subjects covered in the curricula and the vision and mission of Dunya University.

Quality Assurance Board

The Quality Assurance Board is composed of the Quality Assurance Head, the Academic Director, the Operations Director, the Research Director, and the chair of the Academic Board.

The Quality Assurance Board ensures the Executive Committee that Dunya University is well-governed and well managed across all its activities. It reviews, among other issues, governance and internal control.

Operations Board

The Operations Board is composed of the Operations Director, Administrative and Finance Director, the Head of Student Affairs, and the Director of External Relations.


It ensures that all operational matters are covered and is in particular, responsible for finance, infrastructure, marketing and student and faculty satisfaction.

All boards issue a report at the end of the academic year, and no later than July 31, to the executive board. The objective of these reports is for the Executive Board to ensure that all the quality standards have been met and if any remedial action is to be taken for the following years.

Faculty Council

The faculty council is composed of three representatives of full-time faculty, two representatives of adjunct faculty, and a student representative.

The council discusses matters of concern raised by members of faculty or students. It ensures that information of interest to both faculty and students is disseminated on time.

It meets twice a year, generally at the end of each semester, failing emergencies. It reports to the Academic Director.

Student Council

The student council is composed of student representatives of the current classes of the two schools and the Head of Student Affairs.

The council represents the students and allows them to communicate on all issues, whether academic or related to their experience on campus. It discusses student social and sports life. It allows for proposals made to Dunya University on a variety of issues.

It meets twice a year, generally at the end of each semester. It issues a report to the Operations Director.

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