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The Dunya University Founder:


Dunya University was founded by General Ahmed Ali Sangdel and his sons.


His objective in creating Dunya University was to assist society, and more particularly the younger generation, with quality education with an international faculty to enable them to not only rapidly secure employment, but also to be active and dynamic citizens.


He believed that Afghanistan needed ethical leaders in all domains, not only in politics, to be able to create high values for the present and future generations.


Being a loyal and responsible citizen of this country, he considered it to be his responsibility to contribute to the building and strengthening of Afghanistan, a country that has experienced numerous wars. Indeed, the only opportunity deemed fit was in the area of education. Thus, he established Dunya University to prepare the next generation of leaders who will lead the new world.


He left a strong inheritance for future generations, Dunya University, which is managed by his sons that are constantly increasing the quality and embrace aspirations in line with the development of Afghan society and needs.


His Excellency General Ahmad Ali Sangdel

Founder of Dunya University 

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