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Dunya University Quality Policy, owned by the Quality Assurance Committee, has been devised to allow Dunya University to manage quality in compliance with its mission. These guidelines, consolidated in the Dunya University Quality Assurance Manual, focus on the Quality Assurance Structure, Monitoring Procedures, Academic Governance, Assessment Systems, Student Services, Research, Planning and Development, Administrative Governance, Studies and Surveys and Guidelines for programs Self-Assessment.


Quality assurance in education is an essential element of strategic planning for the advancement and improvement of outcomes.


To ensure all the quality factors described in the quality assurance policy and the strategic plan, Dunya University has established an Executive Board so that their implementation proceeds correctly as described below. This board oversees the Academic Board, the Research Board, the Quality Assurance Committee, the Operations Board as well as the Faculty Council and the Student Council. 


Alumni and external stakeholders such as representatives of the economy are also involved in improving the quality in all its functions, therefore including administration, academics and external relations.


The Quality Assurance Policy is revised every five years as per the strategic plan review cycle. However, at the end of each semester and the start of the academic year, a meeting with the executive board determines if all procedures in place meet the standards expected or if improvements are required.


The revision procedure is carried out by a meeting that summarises the feedback received from the various boards and, should this be required, suggests to the executive board modifications to the quality procedures and policy. The executive board evaluates these suggestions and approves or disapproves these changes.

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