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Approach to projects

SARCEO will concentrate on the programmes offered by UMEF and more particularly on management, leadership, entrepreneurship, education, peace, security and development, law, international relations, sustainability and technology.

Projects will target the performance of SMEs in Geneva, Switzerland or abroad, by bringing new solutions that meet their needs. Seminars will present solutions that can be adapted to the particular needs of corporations or organisations.

SARCEO will also develop a portal that will allow it to better understand the needs of SMEs in Geneva and Switzerland. These elements may be used as a basis for research projects.

Research approach and foci

The research approach of SARCEO is one of participative research methods centred on projects and the solution of corporate and organisational problems. The team uses a variety of approaches according to the size and complexity of the organisations, establishes conclusions and provides possible solutions based on its know-how. Research is both from SARCEO and from its external partners that bring their know-how in specific areas.

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