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Our Research Projects

In light of its mission to carry out action-research in the educational fields of Swiss UMEF University, to disseminate through its «Policy Research Paper» for a practical application of the research results carried out by the professors and doctoral candidates, the Swiss Centre for Research Applied to Enterprises and Organisations (SARCEO) has identified research projects to be carried out from 2019 to 2023, including enterprises’ humanitarian governance; climate change; digitalisation ; post-Covid-19; sport and mobility; teleworking; tourism’s crisis as well as distance learning.

Several members of our faculty, doctoral students, and researchers presently undertake research on various aspects of the projects underway. Some of these projects are conducted in partnership with other research and training institutions. The authors of research carried out in the framework of SARCEO will present the results of their work in the ‘Action-research notes’ of a maximum of 10 to 15 pages, to be published on the UMEF website. The norms governing the submissions to the Journal of Governance of Enterprises and Organisations are applicable to the writing of «Policy Research Paper».


The researchers are free to use the methodology that best suits their projects. However, SARCEO gives priority to case studies and to the identification of good practices for better use of corporate or organizational executives.

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