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Dunya University has developed its own platform-based. This will allow you to follow your classes through Zoon from the convenience of your own home.


In the current situation, all classes will be held by Zoom. This will enable you to have synchronous classes with your faculty. All contents are on your personal account on eAcademy.


Instructions to have access to the platform (DUNYA-LMS):

1 – Ensure you have an account at eAcademy and that it is active.

2 – Go to the link

3 – Enter your username and password.

4 – You then have access to all the documents related to your specific course that you need to follow at that particular time. Click on the Zoom link in which you introduce your name so that you may be identified by the professor. You are now connected to your course. Ensure your camera and microphone are active.


For all issues contact the webmaster at the following email:


Call us at +93 (0) 707 222 222

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