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Bachelor of International Business

General description:

The Bachelor’s program in International Business covers the area of management, strategic management of the business, micro-and macroeconomics, the complex international environment in which business operates, and the impact of this environment on the business world and the economy. 



The program has been designed so that the student should be capable of understanding the basics of international business management, and acquire the tools to analyze the impact of culture, physical environment, technology, institutions and government on the internalization of business.



This program prepares the student for employment in a multinational company (international mobility).


Learning outcomes:

  1. Recognize the key functions of international business;

  2. Analyze and synthesize the financial decision-making process using statistical and quantitative analytical tools;

  3. Implement effective communication skills in a business management environment, especially in regards to a cross-cultural environment;

  4. Attribute the impact of international culture and diversity as well as the interrelationship between various external factors on business practices;

  5. Apply the principles of business ethics and international corporate responsibility;

  6. Generate an international marketing plan which includes marketing objectives, marketing mix, strategies, budgetary considerations, and evaluation criteria.

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