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Bachelor of Law

General description:

This program offers students a wide coverage of the main areas of law.

Students will cover topics such as civil procedures, different types of legal systems, personal rights, constitutional law, international law, property and administrative law, criminal law, administrative law and the philosophy of law.



This program allows students to understand the main features of the legal system including the specificities of the Afghan institutions and procedures. The main courses cover the various legal systems. It covers the core courses as well as some specialized modules and allows, through case studies and discussions the understanding of specialized issues.



The degree allows graduates to access a variety of careers in which the acquired skills and knowledge are invaluable. The degree allows careers in banks and financial institutions, accountancy firms, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and academics. Studies can also be continued in advanced law programs.


Learning outcomes:

  1. Acquisition of transferable intellectual skills such as critical awareness.

  2. Master the language of the law.

  3. Understand the Afghan legal system and its institutions and procedures.

  4. Identify issues of policy.

  5. Evaluate the main issues of importance in the evolution of the national legal system.

  6. Create new ways of approaching a legal problem.

  7. Will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in real-life situations.

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