Bachelor in International Relations 


General description:

The program has been developed so that the student is capable to examine and understand the complex aspects and the processes involved in the relations between governmental and non-governmental institutions. Students examine the dynamics, the structural characteristics, humanitarian issues and international political economy in a global community.


Training objectives:

In this program, students acquire analytical and practical know-how leading to careers in journalism, public administration and the corporate world.



Students explore the political dynamics which influence cooperation between states and evaluate the specific role played by international organizations such as the United Nations, in the promotion of peace and international security.


Learning outcomes:

  1. Examine and understand the complex aspects and the processes implied in the relations between institutions of international governance;

  2. Examine the dynamics, the structural characteristics, the humanitarian issues and the international political economy at work in the global community;

  3. Analyze the main issues in international politics and understand the workings of international relations;

  4. Manage a protocol department.

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