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Doctorate in Management Science (PhD)

The doctoral programme in management science aims to produce researchers capable of making a significant contribution to the study of managerial issues. The activities of the programme are focused on the different modes of understanding the globalisation process and technological progress, governance, the remodelling of governmental and public policy, as well as the management of a research service, luxury market, human resources, supply chain in a global economy, market structure of base products, etc.


Training will be centred on the deepening of theoretical and analytical knowledge, the development of a critical point of view and the integration of a work team. The professors and the research team of each department will guide the students.

The doctoral programme comprises seminars on different contemporary subjects as well as on research methodology which will allow students to have in-depth knowledge necessary for their thesis. By following these seminars, the doctoral students become familiar with the scientific approach.


The thesis topic must be an original research project that will contribute to the development of the field.

Research fields:​

In line with the qualifications and competencies of the professors teaching at UMEF, the following research fields are currently open:

  • Management and Leadership

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Public Management and Administration

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Luxury market

  • Human Resources

  • Supply chain in a global economy

  • Structure of commodity markets

  • Environmental management

  • The impact of high technology on management structures       


The subjects proposed to the doctoral students are those on which the research centre, SARCEO, works actively. Other subjects can be considered by the management of the academic department.

Duration of the Studies:

The duration of the studies varies from three years for full time to six years for those studying part-time. The duration of the studies may not exceed 10 semesters, unless in the case of an exception granted by the Scientific Committee as accorded by the UMEF management.

Key Points:​

  • Organiser: School of Business

  • Duration of the programme: 3 Years

  • Faculty: International 

  • Teaching methods: Research, Conferences, debates, case study, discussions and presentations

  • Teaching language: English or French

  • Degree earned: Doctorate in Management Science (PhD)

  • Degree granted: By SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY

  • Campus: Château d’Aïre, Geneva – Switzerland

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