What We Look for?

What We Look for?

  • Solid intellectual ability
  • Solid English foundation
  • Progression in your career to date
  • Proof of leadership and management potential
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • A desire to learn and contribute to the learning of others

Is DUNYA UNIVERSITY of AFGHANISTAN for you and your organization?

We hope so. Are we a good fit for you?

DUA students are active, involved, and eager to learn; therefore, we teach to them. They mostly come from the coasts and states in its peripheries. Many come from professional backgrounds such as managers, businessmen, and a large percentage arrive with a strong entrepreneurial drive all ready to work in the different activities.

They are smart, and tend to have experience in community service and leadership. Some have already created small National and International businesses on their own.

We welcome all inquiries, and urge you to visit the DUA campus as the best way to appraise what we offer here. DUA tours are available year-round. (Once you see our state-of-the art building, you just might make up your mind on the spot.