Welcome to DUA

Welcome to DUA

Welcome to DUA, Afghanistan’s first International University

DUNYA UNIVERSITY of AFGHANISTAN is an independent institution, established with many years of educational experience dedicated to the training and development of local students.

DUA offers internationally recognized university programmes to students, leading to Bachelors’ degrees in Business Administration, Finance, International Trade, Management Information Systems, Communications, Marketing, Information Technology and Software Engineering.

DUA’s programmes provide a solid foundation to address the twin challenges of a rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment and a need for graduates equipped with effective decision-making, organization, leadership and guidance.

DUA is situated in a calm location in the heart of the City of Kabul and we offer modern and functional premises to our students with recently refurbished facilities situated in four main buildings. The classrooms are well-designed, comfortable and equipped with the latest multimedia systems.

DUA guarantees top quality courses with international professors from Switzerland, Germany, France, Brazil, the UK, Singapore, Greece and the USA. Our international team of tutors promotes open discussion with students. Their vast experience, coupled with their multi-cultural backgrounds, provide students with important insights into global and national economies and best business practices in different management cultures around the world.