Academic Director’s message

Academic Director’s message

Our mission is to enable students to respond to the special challenges and stringent demands of today’s highly globalized business and technological advancement. We always stood for professionalism and quality education.

Our emphasis on ethical values affirms our commitment to the traditions of our country. The motto of Dunya University is to outshine others in terms of quality education in the fields of management, law and computer science, with emphasis on practical application.

Our curricular and practical experience that we offer at DUA position our students, especially those working in organizations from around Afghanistan, in touch with a network of international teachers.

The MBA, BBA, BCS and LAW curricula at Dunya University takes into cognizance the challenges faced by today’s corporations and places significant emphasis on teaching practical trade secrets.

Case studies, group assignments, and simulations are all among the experiential methods used to ensure that students are exposed to a maximum of intercultural, interdisciplinary teamwork and problem-solving environment. To facilitate practical experience, Dunya University has made arrangement with leading companies for excursions, guest speeches, and students’ project work.

Thanks to its backing by numerous commercial and public-sector organizations, Dunya provides excellent opportunity to students for internship and job. We are proud of the students who have proved their worth through their performance.

I welcome you all to our University to enjoy the learning experience in an untrammelled environment; “If you have knowledge, let other light their candles with it; manner makes a gentleman”.

Dr. Gullabshah Amani

Academic Director