Research Director’s message

Research Director’s message

Dear Visitor, Dear Students

Welcome to DUA Research Centre. It is my pleasure to introduce you to our research activities at Dunya University.

Research and Innovation play very important role in the economic growth of any country. These two important elements help the ordinary person enjoy the luxuries of yesterday and at a price he/she can easily afford.

Keeping in mind the integral part research, innovation and commercialization can play in our society in enhancing the living conditions of the masses, our office fully supports the required research, innovation and commercialization culture in our institution. To get the required results, we are streamlining our activities to help stimulate this culture of research.

DUA Research Centre is envisaged to become a Centre of Excellence with its focus on domestic and international market requirements using technology for its linkages with leading international research institutes and universities.

DUA, through the Research Centre, aims to prepare students to conduct Research in their specialised fields using the knowledge and supervision of qualified Professors.

The Centre, through its research and skill development activities, also addresses some of the challenges faced by the government and Private sector.

A number of research groups and faculty members are doing research in various departments of DUA.

Dr. Hedaiatullah Sadiqi

Research Director