Director’s message

Director’s message

Director’s message

Dear Visitor, Dear Students,

At Dunya University of Afghanistan (DUA), we are proud of our academic board, of our international faculty and of their contribution in ensuring students receive the adequate skills to succeed in their career. One of the most important decisions a prospective student has to take is the choice of a university that will offer him/her a large potential of career opportunities. This is not an easy task. The choice of a university hinges very much on the vision of the university, on the quality of its curricula, on the success of its alumni, as well as on the university’s national and international collaboration. The teaching methodology is another key element of choice.

We are happy and proud to know that studying at DUA has enable our alumni to attain major positions in the private and public sectors in Afghanistan and abroad.

At DUA, we think differently. Our methods, curricula, our faculty is different, and our availability is different. This contributes to the success of our students as well as the two-year follow-up support we offer after graduation.

Key personalities from Afghanistan and abroad deliver weekly seminars and workshops specifically for DUA students and this is a major advantage for students as it allows them to understand the practice of management and to create unique networks.

General Ahmad Shah SANGDEL

The Director