Bachelor of Political Science

Bachelor of Political Science

Bachelor of Political Science

General description:

Political scientists study government at all stages in their development, the process by which political decisions are made and various matters that affect government behavior. The specific subfields of the discipline include the government and politics, comparative government and politics, international relations, Islamic law, political theory, public law, public administration, constitutional law, American foreign policy, public bureaucracy and the political process. Students majoring in the program have traditionally pursued careers in law, business, teaching, journalism, and government. The study of Political Science is of value in that everybody needs an understanding of the political system which governs their live. More than minimal knowledge of political systems, however, is required for those who would be employed.

During the course of their studies, students will examine the dynamics, structural characteristics, humanitarian issues and international political economics operating within the global community. Moreover, they will acquire a range of analytical and practical skills offering the potential for careers in journalism, public administration and law.

Training objectives:

At the end of this programme, the student will be equipped with the capacity for research and analyses of quantitative and qualitative data.  He shall be critical in his/her approach and be able to use legal language to analyse complex situations, debate and make rigorous proposals.


Political Science and International Relations programs are designed for students who wish to work in the field  PS and IR with government (Judiciary Branch, Legislative Branch, Executive Branch and General Attorney Office) and non-governmental organizations at national and international level. This programme is aimed at students wishing to acquire or improve qualifications essential for all fields of  PS and IR.

Overall Programme Requirements: 180 European Credits (ECTS) equivalent of 126 U.S. Credits

Courses Description:

First Year Programme: Total Required Credits 60 (ECTS)

  • Afghanistan Studies
  • Introduction to Law
  • Leadership & Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Iintroduction  to Sociology
  • Democracy and Development
  • History of Law
  • Political Theories
  • Constitutional Law 1
  • Constitutional Law 11

Second Year Programme: Total Required Credits 60 (ECTS)

  • Constitutional Law 111
  • History of Political Thought
  • Afghan Foreign Policy
  • Geopolitics
  • European Foreign Policy
  • Political Leaders of the 20th Century
  • Islamic Culture
  • Globalization
  • Social Movements
  • International Security
  • Politics in Centeral Asia
  • Russia Foreign Policy

Third Year Programme: Total Required Credits 60 (ECTS)

  • Diplomatic and Consular Law
  • Political Sociology
  • Peace and Conflict Theories
  • International Organaizational Law
  • Politics in Middle East
  • Public International Law
  • Comparative  politics
  • World Trade Organization Law
  • Thesis Methodology