MBA Option Finance

MBA Option Finance

MBA Option Finance

General Description:

This programme lays emphasis on the international dimension of the economy and finance. It allows the student to understand the challenges of globalization in the areas of monetary, economic growth, world management, international finance, risk management.

Training objectives:

At the end of this training programme, the student will be equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge to enable him/her analyse and assess the strategy adopted by the company and economic policymakers in the present context of economic crises in the developed countries (European Union, United States, etc.) and the emerging countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa etc.)


Positions of responsibility in financial institutions, international organizations, consultancies and companies.


The internship included in your programme will give you practical experience and the opportunity to apply in real working environment what you acquired in the classroom.

Core Curriculum First year

  • Marketing Management
  • Geo-economics
  • Human Capital and Talent Management
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Corporate Finance
  • Organization Design
  • Management Accounting
  • Brand Management
  • Team Building and Leadership
  • Governance, Ethics and Business Law

Second year Third Semester

  • Thesis Methodology
  • Income, Employment and Economic Growth
  • Political Economy/Macroeconomic Development
  • International Financial Markets
  • Crisis and Financial Stability
  • Budgetary Planning and Control

Second year Fourth Semester

Internships can also earn credits. Students may choose either to carry out internships with reports and viva voce, or to work outside and defend a Master’s thesis; however either option is worth 30 ECTS credits.