Application Procedure

Application Procedure

The number of places being limited, admission for studies at DUNYA UNIVERSITY of AFGHANISTAN (DUA) is done through a competitive exam and is granted on the basis of an application file containing:

  • the application form ;
  • the personal file ;
  • a competitive exam ;
  • a possible interview.

The competitive examination is held twice a year; access to the competitive examination is open to students having a high school certificate or an equivalent certificate.

Those who fail the competitive examination twice cannot rewrite it a third time.

The admission files are processed in the order they are received, and examined individually by the Head of Admissions.

When the file is completed, the Head of Admissions hands it to the person in charge of studies for a complete verification. The Competitive Examination Committee shall inform the candidates of the date of the said exam which is written for about 3 hours. Generally speaking, DUA competitive examinations are organized on Fridays.

All DUA students must go through DUA competitive examination for Bachelors and/or Master’s level.

The entrance examination assesses the candidate’s knowledge, curiosity and motivation as well as their ability to undergo higher education. The aim of the practical test is to evaluate, in a limited time, the manual and methodological skills of the candidates. The interview enables the discussion of the content of the application, the realization of the practical test and professional motivations.

This interview may have an important role in the admission process. When the competitive examination and possible interview are over, the Examination and Academic Committee promptly notify each applicant personally of the results obtained.