The MSF Mission

The MSF Mission

The Management Science Faculty Mission

The primary mission of the Management Sciences Faculty is to support DUNYA UNIVERSITY of AFGHANISTAN and SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY in its ambition to create and share knowledge of importance for the development of the public and business community in Afghanistan and more generally in the South Asian region. By so doing, the students will become the ethical leaders required to ensure the continuing development of the country.

The educational programs are designed to allow the students to further develop their sense of responsibility and commitment, strive towards excellence and lead through bold initiatives and innovative problem-solving.

The Management Sciences Faculty has the ambition of remaining the pole of excellence in Afghanistan and of reaching the same level in the surrounding region. It will do so due to its unique combination of an entrepreneurial culture, an understanding of the development paradigms, the high quality standards it has imposed on itself and its anchoring in a national culture while assimilating the best of the world’s educational practices.

It will pursue its policy of a rigorous selection of new students through an entrance examination, of hiring an outstanding international faculty blending academic knowledge and professional experience acquired with major international corporations, of maintaining close links with public and private entities to ensure the relevance of the course contents for the employment market, and of maintaining the contact with, and support its alumni in their careers.