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Graduation Ceremony July 2017

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Graduation Ceremony July 2017

Graduation Ceremony

مراسم جشن فراغت با اخذ نمودن دو دیپلوم ازپوهنتون یومف سویس و پوهنتون دنیا در خیمه لوی جرگه



MORE THAN 2000 Candidates in DUA Koncor Exam

Professor SANGDEL

"در زندگی نه تنها مسولیت ها را بپذیریم بلکه در ایجاد مسولیت ها نیز کوشا باشیم" -

یک روز باارزش در کنار رییس جمهور پیشین کشور


Kabul Afghanistan

Farkhunda Trust scholarship for Dunya University of Afghanistan

Furkhunda Trust Scholarship Application Process and Steps/Draft

Step one: Scholarship Announcement

• Pre assessments during the school time by the university and FT Volunteers
• Scholarship guideline announcement and application form is revised.
• The scholarship program is widely advertised/publicised (in Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education, Dunya University, websites and other civil society coordination body such as AWN, ACBAR and ANCB, CSF and all universities network, Hard copy of announcement should be sent to 16 schools and universities of around the area of Dunya and Gawharshad) and medical clinics to ensure that the greatest number of potential candidates is aware of it.

Step Two: How Eligible candidate Apply? 5th Octo 2016-05t Dec 2016
• Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria apply on line or fill her application form and send via email to FT coordinator & copy to FT Director.
• Eligible applicants can also be encouraged by NGOs and other universities and organisations to apply for the scholarship.
• Applicants can fill their application in Dari, Pashtu or English.
• Applicants can also submit hard copy of their applications and get the receipt number from the university coordinator, in circumstances of no access to Internet.
• Only those candidates apply who has Distinction degree (70-100% score) degree from school, or drop out evidence from university and live in poverty.
• Only those Universities’ drop out candidate who has school and University transcript-Diploma with (70-100% score) and live in poverty.

Step Three: Application process Kabul 06 Dec 2016-06 Jan2017
Partner university selection committee + three independent people: one representatives from civil society organisations, one Independent academic person and Tania Aria on behalf of FT will be part of the selection process:
• Entrance exam will be taken from the candidate by Dunya University to assess their general knowledge and capacity.
• 25candidates who meet all the eligibility criteria and get the 70-100 pass mark will be shortlisted for academic assessment.
• 3 paragraph essay of candidate commitment for women empowerment and solidarity building, and their future plan of working in leadership position of government NGOs AND ‘CBOs.
• Selection of 15 candidate with score 70-100%
• Home visits of 15th second stages shortlisted applicants
• Sending of the candidate’s applicants scan copy of all evidence and criteria checklist for each candidate to Furkhunda Trust.

Step Four: Final Scholarship Selection Process 07 Jan-07 Feb 2017
• All the applicants documents will be assists by Furkhunda Trust
• The final selected three-five scholars will be sent with letter of offer from FT
• Accepted candidates will signed the letter of commitments of FT
• Enrolment process of scholars will be done by the university coordinators
• The scan copy of their students card will be sent to FT with their telephone and email address
Step five A:
• Scholars who are enrolled will provide their bank account or open bank account.
• Scholars first day social gathering with other students evidence will be sent to FT.
• Provision stipend to scholars bank account between 22nd to 28th of each month effective of 22nd March 2016

Step five B: Mentoring and Academic skills Building April 2017
• Academic training need assessment will be done by Tania with FT coordinator
• By weekly academic skills building workshop will take place in Saturdays by Tania Aria and FT coordinator.
• Assignment will be given after each workshop to scholars by Tania Aria

FT Scholarship Applicants Eligibility criteria check list score

• Is female and living in Afghanistan, between the ages of 16 and 30 years old. The age range has been stipulated due to the reason that retirement age in Afghanistan is 60-65. This will enable opportunities to be available for those just accessing higher education as part of their career path but also opens up opportunities to older women. These are women who have had to abandon their studies for various reasons and enable them to apply for senior level government jobs and develop their capacity in management through leadership training. 5
• Has already attended higher education, is registered, but had to drop out due to economic reasons and other pressures.10
• Financially disadvantaged, lacking financial resources to continue education.10
• Comes from deprived families with evidence of violence and/or abuse.15
• Has a passion for education, and exceptional academic ambition and promise, with A degree (70-100 score)from high school.20
• Has solidarity with other women, a desire to combat discrimination, and is prepared to support other female students5
• Is recommended by a Partner Institution or by another Institution such as an NGO. 5