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Dunya Partnership & Affiliation
Dunya Europe University

Dunya Opens its Doors in Europe (Geneva, Switzerland)

In 2009, Dunya University opened its doors for the first time in Kabul, Afghanistan. Dunya, which means ‘world’ in Dari (Farsi), is a first class university offering higher education to Western standards to Afghan students, with courses in Management, Finance and Marketing. In its short existence it has become one of the reference points for education in Afghanistan, welcoming students from all over the country. Thanks to its partnership with a major bank, even students without the necessary financial means now have access to an education that will provide them with a real future.

Those organizations involved in and with Afghanistan all agree that the only way the country can properly move forward is not with guns and bombs, not with embargos, not by always looking over its shoulder at the past but through education, and an education accessible to all, male and female, an education of the highest standard.

And that is where Dunya comes in; Already 2500 students are taking their first steps towards a better future on the campus in the heart of Kabul. Equipped with the latest computer hardware and software, high-speed Internet access in all classrooms, a crèche for small children, lecturers from all over the world, a strong security force offering exceptional protection, car parking for students and visitors, Dunya offers a real hope for a better tomorrow.

An important date in the life of the University is 19 December 2009, as on that date and for the first time in Europe an Afghan university for Afghan expatriates who want to study up to Masters’ level in an Afghan establishment, but for various reasons are unable to go home opened its doors. Students at Dunya Europe, with the support of the University of Management, Economics and Finance (UMEF) in Geneva, are now able to study in English, French and Dari, equipping themselves with the skills necessary to rebuild Afghanistan and help it to regain its rightful place in the world. 




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