About Us

About Us


Dunya University of Afghanistan (DUA) is the European university in Afghanistan with a distinctive international faculty of over 20 different nationalities, of which the majority are European or North American. DUA is known favourably for its contribution to the private and public sector in Afghanistan.

DUA is proud to be the first and only university in Afghanistan, to be accredited by the THREE international accreditations: AACBSP, IACBE, ASIC & member of the AACSB.

The Faculty follows the vision of DUA and of Swiss UMEF University which is built collectively by Senior Management, the Board of Trustees, managerial staff, full-time and visiting faculty, local advisors and student representatives.

DUA welcomes and values input from across the university, administration, marketing department, class representatives, the wider student body, parents and other partners. Ongoing review and consideration of our stakeholders’ proposals, feedback and comments reflects our commitment to providing open and constructive exchange and DUA continues to develop its strengths on this basis.