The DUNYA Founder

HE General Ahmad Ali SANGDEL

HE Ashraf Ghani

The President of Afghanistan

Graduation Ceremony

مراسم جشن فراغت با اخذ نمودن دو دیپلوم ازپوهنتون یومف سویس و پوهنتون دنیا در خیمه لوی جرگه


MORE THAN 2000 Candidates in DUA Koncor Exam

Professor SANGDEL

"در زندگی نه تنها مسولیت ها را بپذیریم بلکه در ایجاد مسولیت ها نیز کوشا باشیم" -
Why Choose DUA?
  • Double degree from SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY and DUA
  • DUA is a top International University
  • Distinguished International Faculty (European and American)
  • Six campuses on three continents
  • More than 2500 students
  • We offer SWISS excellence with an international perspective
  • DUA has established and maintains high standards of excellence


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Welcome to DUA, Afghanistan’s first International University

DUNYA UNIVERSITY of AFGHANISTAN is an independent institution, established in partnership with the SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY, a private Swiss university, based in Geneva, Switzerland with many years of educational experience dedicated to the training and development of local and foreign students.

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